Restore Files from Formatted Drive

Do you wish to recover files your disk drive lost after formatting??? Then, we have the quickest and most effective method for you right here!!!

Drive formatting is no more an unknown term to a computer savior. Formatting a disk means erasing all the data stored in it and configuring it with a new file system compatible with the operating system. You might be formatting your computers’ hard drive or the volumes in it more often. But the problem occurs when you forget to take backup of the drive going to be formatted or you accidentally formatted some other drive by mistake.

Consider a practical scenario where you want to install two different operating systems in the hard drive of your computer using Boot Camp so that you can avail features of both. However, you forgot to take backup of the drive which you are going to format. As a result you lost all the data from the formatted drive even if you installed the operating system successfully. At the end of such occurrence you must be thinking that data from the formatted drive are irrecoverable. Therefore, you must be panicking after losing your precious files and folders just because of your one silly mistake.

But don’t worry!!! As said right from the beginning of this article, we are there to provide you the solution to your problem. But the main concept here is the data from the formatted drive are not actually lost. They remain in the drive even after it is formatted with new file system unless you overwrite their place with some new data. Therefore, you can easily recover the formatted drive data before they are overwritten by using best data recovery software. This software retrieves all the data from the formatted disk provided they should not be overwritten. To avoid overwriting of formatted drive data you should neither save any new data nor install any recovery software to it.

However, it is better for you to understand the data loss scenarios first before you know the features of this advanced data recovery software. Scenarios where you might lose data from your drive due to formatting are mentioned briefly below:

Format Error: Sometimes, you might have come across certain scenarios where your computer’s hard drive becomes RAW due to some reason and asks you to format it. You might be getting repeated error messages when you tried to access that drive or volume that the drive is not formatted and will ask you to format the drive. If you select No option then it will not allow you to access that drive. In case you select “Yes” option, the drive will be completely formatted and you will end up in losing all the valuable data from that particular drive or volume.

Accidental formatting: The disk drive can be formatted accidentally by the user during disk related operation like disk conversion or hard drive repartitioning. When you want to convert a disk from basic to dynamic or vice versa you need to format that disk as the first step. If you selected wrong partition or volume to format, then you will lose data from that drive. You can get back deleted files Android drives also using the software.

After operating system crashed: If the operating system of your hard disk is crashed due to some reason, then you will have to reinstall it. You will be asked to format the disk during the reinstallation of OS. You may lose important data from the formatted drive in case you have not taken proper data backup.

To get rid of harmful viruses: If a disk drive is severely affected by harmful viruses and could not be removed using Antivirus software, then the only option you are left with is disk formatting. You will have to format the entire volume affected by viruses for system security purpose. In such cases you may lose the valuable data from the affected drive, if you have not taken proper data backup.

The exclusive features of this data recovery tool will allow you to recover data from disk formatted under any of the above scenario. One of the flexible features of this software is that, it is available for both Windows and Mac operating system. If you have formatted the disk during dual boot installation on your Mac computer, then this software allows you to recover Mac data. The advanced data recovery utility can recover data from various storage devices like hard disk, FireWire drive, USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras etc. If you are unable to access data from your external hard disk due to format error, then this software will help you out in such scenario. It helps you to successfully execute external hard drive data recovery in few steps.

Apart from all these storage devices this software can also recover media files like photos, music files and videos. iPods are one of the famous accessories of people these days for storing and accessing their favorite music and video files. However, music files from iPods can also be lost under certain circumstances. This software will help you to restore files from iPod. You can always check the effectiveness of this software by using its demo version. The software not only allows you to get back formatted drive files, but it can even recover data from deleted partition on both Windows and Mac systems.

The detailed procedure to retrieve data from formatted disk is described below:

Step 1: Download and launch the demo version of advanced data recovery utility in a in any healthy computer's hard disk after connecting the formatted hard disk as a slave to it. After launching the application, select “Recover Partitions / Drives” from the three options appearing on the screen after that, click on “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option to retrieve formatted disk data.

Advanced Data Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the disk from which has been formatted as the logical drive and click on “Next” option to proceed. Once the data recovery process is finished you will be able to view all the files recovered from the formatted disk drive by this software.

Advanced Data Recovery - View Recovered Data

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