Best Way to Retrieve iPod Files

Lost files from your iPod and wish you could get them back??? If yes, then you can definitely restore your iPod data no matter how you have lost them. iPods are the most common and valuable possession of people these days which are mainly used to store and use media files like photos, favorite music tracks and video files. You can simply walk around by listening to your favorite music tracks. But what happens when you lose them under some unexpected circumstances? You lost all you iPod data after selecting restore option accidentally. The disaster strikes when you are least prepared for it. You don’t even have a backup of those files you have lost!!!

It is said that where there is will, there is a way. In your case also it is not impossible to recover lost iPod files. The iPod hard disk acts similar to that of the hard drive of your computer. All the iPod data remains intact to their original memory space even though they are not traceable by you. So be relaxed and act fast!!! You will have to use advanced data recovery program to recover the lost iPod files as soon as possible. This software is capable enough to recover data deleted / lost from iPod without changing their original contents. You will also have to make sure that the lost iPod data should not be overwritten. This is because; you cannot recover the lost data once it is overwritten. Therefore, do not save any new data into the iPod unless the lost data is completely restored.

The scenarios under you may lose access to you important iPod files are mentioned below:

After power failure: Files from iPod can be lost after accidental system shut down due to power failure when iPod is connected to the computer. The iPod has to be synced to the computer in the same way as that of a USB drive. If it is not properly disconnected, then you may lose data from it.

Frozen iPod: The iPod may automatically freeze, if it used continuously for a long time. As a result all the files stored in it become inaccessible to you. The iPod may also freeze due to iPod disk corruption, lack of free space or battery related issues.

Improper iPod Usage: The iPod data might be lost due to improper iPod usage like abrupt removal of iPod from the computer. Removing the iPod forcefully from the computer when some iPod files are still in use can corrupt the entire iPod hard disk. As a result all the iPod data becomes inaccessible. Other than this, the iPod data may be accidentally deleted by the user from the iTunes playlist or can be accidentally formatted while it is connected to the computer.

Due to iPod update: Data from your iPod can also be deleted or lost after iPod update. It may happen if you have accidentally updated the iPod or you have forgotten to take a backup of the iPod data before iPod update. The only way to recover iPod data lost after iPod update is to use advanced data recovery tool.

The advanced data recovery tool one of the best recovery tools which is repeatedly reviewed and recommended by most of the Shareware Experts. It has an extremely powerful built in scanning algorithm which searches and locates lost data on iPod hard disk and restores it within a short span of time. Other than iPod this software also allows you to recover data from external hard disk after accidental deletion or format error. Format error arises due to improper device usage or when the file system of the drive becomes RAW. You will be asked whether you want to format the drive or not. In case you have selected “Yes” option, then the entire drive will be formatted resulting in severe data loss. In such a scenario, this software will help you to perform data recovery from formatted drive.

Another good thing about this software is that, it has separate versions available for both Windows and Mac users. Therefore, if you have deleted or lost any of your important files on Mac OS X, then this software enables you to restore data on Mac. You can always evaluate the recovery chance by using the demo version of this software which also allows you to preview the recovered data before actually saving it.

The simple and useful steps to retrieve iPod data are mentioned below:

Step-1: Connect the iPod to your computer and then download and install the demo version of advanced data recovery software on the hard drive of your computer. After launching the software, click on “Recover Photos” option then select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option to retrieve iPod media files.

Advanced Data Recovery - Main Screen

Step-2: Select the connected iPod as the logical drive from which files are to be retrieved and then click on “Next” to start the iPod data recovery process. Once the recovery process is completed, preview all the iPod data recovered using the software.

Advanced Data Recovery - View Recovered Data

To avoid losing data from your iPod you should backup your important iPod data regularly. Try to keep the iPod free from common human errors like accidental deletion or improper usage of iPod. Protect your iPod as well as the computer free from Virus attack by using powerful Antivirus software in order to avoid data loss due to iPod corruption.

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