Recover Files on Mac OS X

Lost your valuable data on Mac OS X and finding a way to recover it?? Then, don’t be puzzled!!! You will be able recover all those precious data lost on your Mac Machine by the time you finish reading this article.  Even though Mac operating system facilitates the user with many security features and attractive functionalities, still you may lose important data on Mac due to unexpected situations like accidental deletion, hard drive failure or operating system crash. You can certainly avoid all these disasters by taking up regular backups for which Mac provides Time Machine. However, there are certain situations where the time machine even fails to backup data.

You can consider a practical scenario for better illustration. Suppose, you are a well protected Mac user, who backup important files and folders regularly.  You are completely out of danger and you don’t have to think about losing your precious Mac data. Therefore, if ever you have deleted a file accidentally on Mac machine, then you will immediate use your Time Machine to restore the deleted file. However, you might be shocked to find that the backup application on Mac can restore a file from the previous hour or older than that. But it is unable to retrieve the file that is modified in less than one hour and deleted unintentionally. So, you are out of luck, if you want to restore data that is modified in less than one hour.

Now what??? You have lost your important file even after taking so many precautions just because you were not aware of this fact!!! That is where the role of best file recovery tool comes into play. Using this software you can recover Mac data deleted / lost due to any data loss scenario provided they are not overwritten. Now you must be wondering how this tool can recover data which the operating system cannot even locate on your computer’s hard drive. It is because; the data from the Mac hard drive are not actually deleted, instead the information that is used to access the data is deleted. The deleted data remains in its original position until it is overwritten with some new data. Therefore, you should not save any new data to the storage spec in which the lost data resides until it is recovered.

Other than accidental deletion, there are some other scenarios responsible for data loss on Mac OS, are described briefly below:

Emptying Trash on Mac: Trash on Mac OS X has the same function as that of Windows Recycle Bin. However, if you have deleted the files from the Trash on your Mac computer accidentally or just thinking that the file is not necessary and later felt its necessity, then you will have to use data recovery tool to restore that file

Corrupted catalog file: Catalog files are the files used by Mac file manager to maintain ordering in the Mac file system. Especially the nodes of catalog files are useful in accessing a particular file or folder. If the catalog file is damaged due to any reason then that file becomes inaccessible to the user leading to data loss on Mac OS.

Deleted files from removable media: You may lose data on Mac operating system by deleting files from removable media like pen drive, external hard drives, memory cards which it is connected to your Mac computer. Files deleted from any removable devices are not stored in Trash. Therefore you will have to use data recovery utility to retrieve the lost Mac files

Apple partition Map corruption: Mac data can also be lost due to apple partition map corruption. Apple partition map can be corrupted or damaged due to frequent power failures, operating system crash, improper usage of third party software etc.

You will definitely recover data on Mac OS X lost due to any of the above scenarios, using best file recovery tool. This software has a separate version which is capable of recovering data on Windows operating system. If you have lost data from any externally connected device such as external hard drive on Mac, then this software allows you to recover data from external hard disk. It can recover accidentally deleted data from storage devices like hard drives, pen drives, digital cameras, camcorders etc. on Mac OS. Other than accidental deletion formatting is also another leading reason for data loss on Mac. In case you have accidentally formatted a Mac volume, this software can easily perform data recovery from formatted drive.

In addition to that, the software is capable of data recovery from bad hard disk. The software can retrieve deleted/lost media files like images, music files and video files from various storage devices. If you have lost you favorite music tracks after accidentally pressing reset option in your iPod, then this software helps you to recover data from iPod. You can also evaluate data recovery chances by using the demo version of this software.

The simple procedure to restore data on your Mac computer is described as follows:

Step-1: Download and install demo version of best file recovery tool on that part of your computer’s hard drive that does not contain the lost Mac data. After launching the software, select any option form “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” or “Recover Volumes / Drives” options appearing on the welcome screen. Then select the corresponding option which suits your data loss scenario.

Advanced Data Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the appropriate logical drive from which you want to restore Mac data and click on “Next” option to proceed. You will be able to view all the data recovered from the Mac computer after the data recovery process is completed.

Advanced Data Recovery - View Recovered Data

To avoid such data loss scenarios always backup your important Mac data regularly. Use surge protector in your Mac computer to avoid data loss after accidental system shut down due to power failure. Keep on deleting unwanted files from Trash by making sure that you don’t need them in the future.

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