Advanced Data Recovery

Easiest Way to Recover Data on Android

Almost 90 % of the cell phone users across the world are having Android operating system on their mobile. The Android operating is basically based on the open Linux platform. Android OS is also called as open source OS, which means that developers can customize and modify the OS as per requirement. Therefore, different Android-based cell phones will have different graphical user interfaces. Now-a-days, people tend to spend more time with their mobile phones for entertainment, such as enjoy movies and music, chatting with friends, reading books or even handle documents work etc. However, to work on Android devices is not as convenient as on computers, and it's very much easier to make mistakes as deleting files by careless operations.

What you will do if the disaster sticks and you will lose entire data from your Android device card? Don’t worry you are not alone! So many Android users are facing data loss problem. So, it became a necessity of the time to find a suitable solution for this problem. To resolve this problem, an industry expert has designed advanced data recovery software to recover data from Android devices. It is the good news, for those Android users who are still wondering for a way to recover their lost /deleted files from their Android device. It the finest tool to rescue data on Android. It allows users to retrieve lost or deleted files from various Android phones with ease. Click here for additional info..

Have a look on some scenarios, due to which you may lose your Android device data:

  • Accidental Deletion: Mistakenly deleting music or video file from Android device portable card is the most common reason for data from Android phones. Sometime while deleting useless files from phone memory card user accidentally choose important files and delete it.
  • Formatting: Usually to get rid from the format error message users go-head with the format option and lose entire data from their memory card. To read more about formatted drive recovery refer the given link.
  • Sudden Removal: Removing the Android device in-between file transfer process, will interrupt the file moving process in between and results in file loss.
  • Improper Usage: Using Android device memory card on different devices or computers, also lead to data loss from it. In case you connect your Android phone card with any virus infected device, then there is high chance of card corruption which in turn results in data loss.

In addition to this there are many more scenarios which results in file loss file loss from Android device like software malfunctions, improper handling of android devices and many more. You can easily overcome from above mentioned situation by using advanced data recovery tool. In order to perform successful Android device recovery, stop adding new data on your Android device after facing data loss. Because new files will occupies the space of the delete file and overwrites it, which in turn will reduces the chances of recovery. Data rescue on Android device became very easy with the invention of this tool.

Advance data recovery program is an effective recovery tool to recover data from Android device. Using this tool you can recovers data from all major android manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Acer, HTC and many more. Here you will find more info about external hard drive revolver. Use trial version of the software to check and preview your lost/deleted files before purchasing the licensed version of the tool.

Simple steps to rescue data on Android device:

Step 1: Install the demo version og the software on the computer. Run the software and connect the Android device to the computer. Click on the “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” from the main page once the Android device is detected on it.

Data Rescue on Android - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive of the card on the software wizard and click on “Next”. The software scans for all the files on the card of Android device and displays the result.

Data Rescue on Android - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: You can preview the files on the device and save them on the computer.

Data Rescue on Android - View Recovered Data

Figure 3: View Recovered Data

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