Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive

Hard drive is an essential component of a system which stores all data and information. Hard disk is a magnetic rewritable disk in which data is written via a write head, and read through a read head. The read-write head interpret and convert the data into binary form with the use of complex algorithms. The hard drive stores large volumes of data in sectors that are arranged in a concentric circles radiating out from the center of the disk. Like other electronic devices hard drives are also vulnerable to failures due to some of the usual causes like power surge, head crash, improper handling, software malfunctioning etc.
Now you must be thinking whether you have an alternative to retrieve information from crashed hard drive or not. If you are eager to know this then relax because the information stored in the crashed hard drive is not permanently lost. You can retrieve data from crashed hard drive by using a reliable advanced data recovery software.

Hard drive may crash due to following reasons:
Human mistakes like alteration of the system registry files, changing the system files attribute or accidental deletion of important system files are the common human errors that lead to hard drive crash or failure. Information lost in such types of faults is very difficult to retrieve and requires some powerful recovery tool.
Power surge is another possible reason responsible for impaired hard drive. Power surge is mostly caused by lightning strikes, interference in power lines, or improper power supply. Due to power surge read/write head fails to work appropriately and as a result leads to hard drive crash. Hardware overheating is a physical error that cause hard drive failure. Insufficient ventilation around your CPU can also lead to hard disk crash due to constant heating which in turn causes severe loss of information. Continues use of hardware with little or no downtime may lead to disk crash. One of the most frequent reasons of hard-disk failure is a head crash which causes severe data loss. This error happens mainly due to of bad sectors, faulty spindle motor, power supply or any other internal factors within the hard disk. Virus infection causes corruption of files after which the hard disk become unstable and starts malfunctioning. Improper system shut down, accidental shut down while running program, use of malicious freeware are the other factors which add more risks of losing information due to disk crash.

Vital information lost in all these situations makes you restless and tensed. But don’t be tensed because you still have the chance to restore lost data from the crashed hard drive. Advanced data recovery software is the all-in-one solution to all these data loss scenarios. You can retrieve information lost from the crashed hard drive using this effective software. It allows you to restore data by scanning complete hard drive with its inbuilt powerful scanning algorithm. This software supports hard drive data recovery on Mac as well as in Windows operating system.

Other than internal hard drive this software supports data recovery from formatted flash drive, external hard drives, memory cards, etc. You must be glad to know that iPod data files retrieval is no longer an issue as by making use of this software you can also retrieve data from iPod after accidental iPod reset or iPod formatting.Using this tool you can even rescue data from Android based device. It supports all major brands of Android phones. Go to this web-site to find complete details about Android data recovery.

Now the steps to restore data from crashed hard drive:

Step-1: Download and install the advanced data recovery tool and launch it on the hard drive of your computer. After launching click on “Recover Partitions/Drives” to restore your lost data from the crash drive. Choose “Partition Recovery” option as shown in fig 1.

Retrieve information from crashed hard drive - Main Screen

Step-2: Select the hard disk as the logical drive from which the lost files are to be restored and click on “Next” to begin scanning process. You check the restored data after the scanning is over

Retrieve information from crashed hard drive - View Recovered Data

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